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1-1 Yoga Tuition

Traditionally yoga was taught on a 1-1 basis. This means 1-1 yoga tuition is adapted to the individual rather than the individual fitting into a group yoga class. We draw on the tools of asana, (postures), breath work, concentration and meditation, use of voice, study, relaxation techniques and self care to find a practice that is right for us and will support us in our lives.

Yoga Tailored to the Individual

1-1  yoga tuition is tailored to the individual whether an experienced practitioner, a relative newcomer or a complete beginner.
The private practice can be at a strong and intense, maintenance or mild level according to personal needs.

A home practice lasts between 15-50 minutes depending on time and energy available.

There will be an initial consultation (75 mins) followed by lessons (1 hour) and shorter review meetings (30 mins). A free 20 minute meeting is offered to discuss options. Please get in contact by email or telephone on 07973 736242 for more information or to discuss your individual needs and requirements. 

We also offer a range of yoga classes within the Bath area.

Benefits of Yoga


Yoga complements and improves your existing programme when used as an intense physical and mental discipline.


Yoga is used to support and improve our wellbeing. As a means of self-inquiry to look beyond our patterns of behaviour and movement.


Yoga is used therapeutically to help us recover from, improve or cope with illness, injury or problems.