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About Angela Roberts

Angela Roberts is a long-term student of yoga and it continues to enrich and inspire her life.
She has been teaching yoga since the 1990s and runs yoga classes in and around Bath.

Yoga Background

She is an accredited British Wheel of Yoga teacher, a Senior Yoga Alliance registered teacher and a Yoga Sports Coach. She has completed Paul Harvey’s 3-year Professional Yoga Teaching and Therapeutic Healthcare Training Programme and continues to study with Paul (whose teacher was Desikachar). She is also co-director and teacher trainer on the 200 hour, Yoga Alliance registered, Yoga Bodhi Teacher Training Course held in Bath and a Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs teacher.

She first came to yoga as a teenager through her interest in spirituality and meditation and her love of movement and dance later led her to asana practice. She is particularly interested in working with the breath and practising pranayama. She has had the privilege of studying under many wise and amazing teachers from different traditions but increasingly with those who directly follow the teachings of Śrī T Krishmacharya.

Angela encourages enquiry and discovery, looking for ways to uncover and free tension patterns, to observe and to allow space for individual growth.

Yoga for Sports

Angela has worked with UK Athletics teaching sprinters, hurdlers and other athletes. She has also worked with marathon runners and cyclists.

For the purposes of research she worked with a road cyclist over a period of 10 weeks, delivering a specific yoga programme. As a result improvements were made in respiratory efficiency and endurance and the cyclist was able to race without pain, with an increased level of concentration and moved into the elite category.

Angela is a registered Yoga Sports Coach having done a postgraduate course with Yoga Sports Science. Yoga is increasingly being used by sports people of all levels to complement and aid their existing training. Sports specific yoga programmes can be delivered to individuals, small groups or whole teams. A 1-1 yoga programme typically begins with a detailed biomechanical assessment looking at posture, structure, mobility, strength, flexibility, breath capacity and any injuries. A tailor made plan is then put together to work with over the required period of time.

Yoga for sports
Aromatherapy and Massage

Aromatherapy and Massage

Angela Roberts has been an Aromatherapist and Massage Therapist for nearly 20 years and was involved in setting up the Bristol School of Aromatherapy
(now Bristol School of Holistic Therapies) where she taught Aromatics for many years.

She has also taught Massage at various further education colleges.

Aromatherapy is an holistic therapy, using essential oils, derived from plants, to promote balance and health of the mind and body. Our sense of smell is intrinsically linked with the emotional centre of the brain, the ‘limbic system’, and thus to the autonomic nervous system. The use of ‘aroma’ can therefore effect us psychologically and is a wonderful way to relieve the stresses of life. Massage can help to relax, relieve aches and pains and distress the body and mind and promote healing.

Oils are blended to suit the individual, as is the depth of massage and the types of strokes used.

Aromatherapy and massage sessions are available in Bath or home visits can be arranged.